On October 21, 2018, Eventsport together with Bombeiros Voluntários de Valadares promote and organize a race and walk in Vila Nova de Gaia. This event consists of a 10 km Race and a 5 km Walk that will feature many surprises and a great wave of energy and good mood.
The proof starts from the Chapel of Senhor da Pedra, right on the beach of Miramar, a location enhanced by the scent of sea air and a stunning maritime landscape along the whole route, thus making it unrecognizable.
It's the end of the summer that we count on you to be a hero for a day. This initiative aims to honor the firefighter and to pay due respect for his work in the community, and of course to provide him with well-being and good moments of leisure.
Do not leave aside the opportunity to honor these heroes.
Firefighters do not only save houses, forests and animals. Firefighters save memories and dreams ... save lives! Sign up and give your best! It will be a ..!
Sign up and give your best!

It will be a..!

Hero                OR               Heroin



Eventsport organizes the second edition of the Firefighter Race, in partnership with the Valadares Volunteer Firefighters whose purpose is to pay tribute to all firefighters for their work and delivery to our society and also to encourage sports as an element of the promotion of health and quality of life. On October 21, 2018, a 10 Km Race and a 5 Km Walk will be held at 10:00 a.m. which is intended to be a true sports lovers' party. 

The proof starts from the Chapel of Senhor da Pedra, right on the beach of Miramar, a location enhanced by the scent of sea air and a stunning maritime landscape along the whole route, thus making it unrecognizable.

It's the end of the summer that we count on you to be a hero for a day. This initiative aims to honor the firefighter and to pay due respect for his work in the community, and of course to provide him with well-being and good moments of leisure.


Race 10 Km / Walk 5 Km

The Race 10 km is intended for participants of both sexes and the following age groups:

  • Male and female seniors - (18 to 34 years old).
  • VET 35 - Male and female veterans (aged 35-39)
  • VET 40 - Male and female veterans (40-44 years old)
  • VET 45 - Male and female veterans (45-49)
  • VET 50 - Male and female veterans (50-54)
  • VET 55 - Male and female veterans (55-59)
  • VET 60 - Male and female veterans (From age 60 onwards)

The 10 Km Race begins and finishes next to the Chapel of the Lord of the Stone.

GPS coordinates: 41.0695754, -8.6546728

The 5 km Walk will not be competitive. It is open to all participants, with no age limit, who wish to join the sports party, thus making better use of their leisure time.

The participants of the walk are obliged to use the official race sweater with the respective rider.


All participants of the 10 Km Race and 5 Km Walk that cross the finish line legally and are regularly enrolled will receive a participation medal.

The individual prizes (Trophies) are assigned to the first 3 classifications of each step, Seniors M / F, VET 35 M / F, VET 40 M / F, VET 45 M / F, VET 50 M / F, VET 55 M / F , VET 60 M / F and the top three teams will also be awarded a trophy. There will also be a trophy for the most numerous team.

The prizes of the Race of 10 Km will be delivered in own ceremony after the test.

All participants are entitled to the Medal of Participation, Technical T-Shirt, Dorsal, Water, Sports Insurance, Participation Diploma, Massage and medical assistance of the Hospital - Fernando Pessoa University.


Registration for the Firefighter Race can be done online at www.eventsport.pt. You can choose to make a paper registration and pay in cash at one of the following locations: Eventsport - Belgian Street, No. 2340, 4400-053 Vila Nova de Gaia and Valadares Volunteer Firefighters - Largo António Pereira Tamanco 140, 4405-536 Vila Nova de Gaia.

Entries can also be made on the day of collection of kits if the limit number of participants stipulated by the organization has not been reached. In this case, the registrations will have an addition of € 5.00 to the current value.

All data entered by the athlete in the registration form are the sole responsibility of the athlete.

Online registration in the Race and Walk ends on October 19, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. From this time on, only registrations will be accepted at the location of the kits (if the registration deadline has not yet been reached).

Registration for the Firefighter Race has the following cost:

Until 31 August Until 30 September  After 30 September
Race 10K 8.00 € 10.00 € 12.00 €
Walk 5K 6.00 € 7.00 € 8.00 €

The organization reserves the right to make promotions that change the prices of the registrations (discounts), as well as contests of offer of inscriptions, whenever it wishes.

Entries can be made individually or on behalf of clubs, associations or companies.

The organization reserves the right to accept or not the proof of any registration.

All athletes and walkers have sport insurance.


Local: Museum of the Fire Department of Valadares

GPS41.06877º  -8.65875º

Date: 20 Ouctober 2018, 10am to 7pm.

The lifting of the kits should be done individually. The enrollee must present their personal identification and proof of enrollment. If the subscription is pending, you can make the payment in cash locally.

Only third party kits will be collected upon submission of original documentation.

Participation kits will not be delivered on the day of the event (except for participants who live far away and who request the organization in advance).

After the test there will be no delivery of kits, sweaters or any other material.

The dorsal received in the runner kit (10 km run) should be affixed to the front of the jersey and can not be removed until the finish line is exceeded, otherwise there will be disqualification.

The organization is not responsible for breaking stock of jersey sizes.

The supplied chip is non-transferable and should be placed according to the instructions provided when lifting it.

The Chip is required to deliver at the end of the race. The non-return, implies the payment of 5.00 Euros.

Note - The organization does not provide pins to secure the bibs.


The concentration of all participating athletes must be made from 9:00 am at the place of departure of the event, at the Alameda Sr. Pedra joined the Chapel of the Lord of the Stone. The organization guarantees the sports insurance required by law, in favor of all registered non-federated participants. If the participant resorts to a National Health Service Institution, due to his / her participation in the race, he / she shall inform the organization as soon as possible to activate the sports insurance, incurring a risk that the process will not be accepted by the insurance company if this notification is not made in a timely manner.

Payment of the fees is the responsibility of the participant, and can be reimbursed by the insurer if the process meets the necessary requirements. The organization is not responsible for the poor physical condition of the participants or for any accident or damage that the athletes may cause or suffer before and after the event, exempting the organizers and sponsors of any lawsuit.

Any claim will only be accepted in writing, if made within 30 minutes after the disclosure of the test results, by the deposit of € 100.

During the test the water supply stations will be distributed, in places marked.

In the race there will be time control performed by chip (electronic timing) along the course.

The timing and classification of the race is the responsibility of the judges and timekeepers of the Regional Arbitration Council of the Porto Athletics Association.

All participants who commit one of the following infractions will be penalized: they do not follow the course in its entirety; do not carry out the initial control; do not carry the dorsal to the chest and well visible during the race; falsify any element relating to their registration; run without a sweater; run with the dorsal in incorrect terms; run on the sidewalks; comply with the organization's instructions.

For safety reasons, during the race all riders should remain exclusively on the right lane and on the official race course.

Any irregularity or unsportsmanlike conduct committed by the rider will be subject to disqualification.

Arrival control will be closed 2 hours after the start of the race.

Only the cars of the organization and the vehicles of the security forces can accompany the race.

In case there are no technical and / or safety conditions to carry out the event, the organization reserves the right to transfer or cancel the event, which will be taken on the day of the event.

The organization of the event is not responsible for any accidents that occur with the participants BEFORE and AFTER the race, and all measures will be taken for the safety of the athletes.

The security of the event will receive support from the competent bodies and there will be monitors (staff of the organization) for the orientation of the participants.

By participating in this event, the corridor assigns all rights to use your image, waiving any amount that may be earned with television rights or any other type of transmission and / or dissemination, promotions, internet and any media in anytime.

The access to the areas of concentration and start will be signaled, being prohibited to skip the grids that delimit these areas of the test at the time of departure or at any other time, under any pretext.

The organization of the event, as well as its sponsors, shall not be liable for damages or damages caused by the corridor enrolled in the event, either to the public patrimony, to third parties or other participants, being those of sole and exclusive responsibility of the author.

The organization may suspend the test for any matter that endangers the safety of participants, as well as public acts, vandalism and / or force majeure.

Cancellations are not allowed, and only subscriptions may be made.

Entries may terminate when the organization so wishes for security reasons or for any other reason.

Classifications may undergo changes after final confirmation of all times and grades.

All participants (after registering) assume this regulation.

The cases not covered by this regulation will be resolved by the Technical Director of the race and in accordance with the official regulations of the Portuguese Athletics Federation.